iKON – Iam OK (Lyric Translate & Meaning)

iKON – Iam OK (Lyric Translate & Meaning)

This song trending #5 on youtube. It was Published on Jan 7, 2019. And two days later it has 7,243,818 views.

  • I am OK by iKON lyric translate in English

I’m OK
Don’t comfort me
You don’t have to have pity on me
You don’t have to stay with me, I’m fine
I’m OK
Don’t worry about me
You don’t have to mind about me
I’m used to be alone
I’m OK

I don’t want to hear any hopeful words
I can hardly fall asleep because the reality is to difficult to handle
I tried to find things that can fill me up, which eventually turns out to be drinks
I become indifferent to any situations
Even though I’m better off by myself, loneliness hits me from time to time
Even though I want to do many different things, I become lethargic
My answer will always be a huge smile if anyone asks how I’m doing

I feel like everyone has turned their back on me
I feel bad for myself, I feel so small
When I become lonely
If you ever witness my tears, please walk past by me

  • The meaning of lyric song I am OK – iKON

When we read this song carefully, it wants to tell us about everything gonna be OK. When his love doesn’t have to have pity on him. He is OK. When his love doesn’t have to stay with him, He is fine.

He doesn’t want to hear everyone to say any beautiful words to him. He doesn’t want pity by peoples. Everything gonna be alright. He tells you that he is a strong man. in Fact no. hahahaha .Just it

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